Steam Boiler for Dairy Processing

When the steam boiler is used for production

The Customer

Producer of exceptional cheeses

The Ghidetti dairy is an artisan company dedicated to cheese production.

Like many small Italian producers of culinary specialties, the Ghidetti dairy is highly focused upon the quality of its products, offering a wide range of hard and soft cheeses.

Wanting to improve the performance of its production lines, the Ghidetti dairy team turned to ICI Caldaie.

What they wanted was easy to say, but much more difficult to do: to improve the performance and reduce the waste generated by the heating plant room.

Do you want to improve your production lines’ performance?

The Problem

Poor performance and considerable waste

Our team of experts was immediately able to identify the inefficiencies of the existing plant, which consisted of 2 large boilers, one of which was even our own.

The production lines’ steam requirements varied greatly throughout both the day and the week.

The two existing boilers were able to meet the production lines’ steam requirements, but they were almost constantly running.

This resulted in excessively high operating costs, inefficiencies, and waste.

It was precisely for this reason that the owner of the Ghidetti Dairy contacted ICI to find a solution.

Massimo, titolare del Caseificio Ghidetti

The Solution

A new way of controlling the system

After analyzing the system and the requirements of the Ghidetti Dairy production lines, we proposed the use of the new EcoVapor boiler.

In addition to installing the boiler, we also outfitted the plant room and the production lines with all the sensors necessary to allow us to monitor the steam demand and the performance levels.

Thanks to the high level of flexibility offered by the integrated burner and the advanced electronic components, the EcoVapor began immediately managing the other 2 cascade boilers, based on the needs of the production lines.

All in complete autonomy, and with maximum reliability

The result

Environmental sustainability and quality

As soon as the installation process was complete, the Ecovapor began immediately managing the other boilers, thereby drastically reducing their natural gas consumption.

The annual savings on operating costs amounted to around 15%.

Thanks to the independent management of the loads, the members of the Ghidetti dairy team can finally dedicate themselves to what they like doing most: making cheese.

The heating plant room is now managed independently, and no longer requires extra attention from the team.

Steam Boiler Efficiency
Methane Savings
- 0 %
Electric Savings
- 0 %
Feedwater Savings
- 0 %
Labour Costs
- 0

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