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What are the recommended accessories?

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Technical Information

The process of designing or upgrading a heating plant room is undoubtedly long and complicated.

It’s essential to have all of the necessary system technical characteristics at your disposal, starting with its main component: the steam boiler.

What should its dimensions be? What performance levels should it be capable of offering? What accessories are needed? How are they arranged?

All of these questions need to be answered before initiating the design phase.

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All the dimensions of the Ecovapor

The dimensions that matter

In addition to the details regarding the performance levels, it is also necessary to carefully evaluate whether the heating plant room takes into account the space necessary for the steam boiler.

The main dimensions of the Ecovapor, which you will need to carry out your work activities, are summarised below:

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A typical complete plant room

...and the accessories?

In addition to the steam boiler, a complete system should always have other components as well.

These are the main ones:

Atmospheric Deaerator

Steam Accumulator

Feed-Water Tank

Blowdown Vessel

Feed-Water Treatment Unit

Heating plant monitoring

Why monitor the plant room?

In order to get a clear idea of the heating system’s consumption, it is always useful to calculate its demand profiles in terms of flow rate and pressure.

With the profiles on hand, it’s easy to study the trends and propose the most suitable solution, while taking an adequate safety margin into account.

The ideal boiler will be the one that best meets the daily requirements while eliminating all the inefficiencies resulting from overproduction.

Daily Steam Flow Rate

Daily Steam Pressure Rate

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