The Procurement Department’s needs:

How do I know which boiler fits the best?

How do I choose the right one?

The characteristics to keep in mind

How do I determine which price quote is best?

As the manager of the procurement department, you likely often find yourself having to choose between various price quotes.

How do you choose?

What are the most important parameters?

We have put together a brief guide to walk you through the important aspects. 

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Choosing the right steam boiler

The main characteristics?

There are lots of technical parameters that need to be kept in mind when choosing a boiler.

These are the 6 main ones:

Steam Flow Rate

The steam flow rate is the amount of steam (in kilograms) that the boiler can produce per hour.

To define this parameter, you’ll need to know how much steam your production line needs. 

Installed power

The installed power is the sum of the power ratings of all the individual components used to operate the boiler.

The power rating of each component is simply the amount of energy that the machine needs to operate every second.

This measurement will be fundamental for calculating your monthly gas consumption, as well as, indirectly, your monthly electricity consumption.


Efficiency, on the other hand, is a parameter that defines how much of the energy that enters is converted into steam, and how much is dispersed in the environment in the form of heat.

Associated with the installed power it is a fundamental parameter to evaluate the costs of your production line.

Together with the installed power, efficiency and consumption of methane, you will be able to calculate exactly how much it will cost you to produce the necessary steam.

Max Pressure

Like all pressure values, the pressure defines the amount of gas present within a certain volume.

Every industrial and production process requires specific pressure levels, as well as flow rates.

For example, a fresh pasta production plant might require 100kg/h of steam at a pressure of 12 bar.

The pressure profile required by your production line must therefore be carefully evaluated and compared with that of the boiler.


In the field of industrial boilers, emissions refer to the amount of harmful gases released into the air per hour.
The maximum legal limit for nitrogen oxides (NOx) is 100mg/m3.
If your company is located in a particular area, like Piedmont in Italy, for example, the limits may even be lower.
Be sure to request a consultation if you need more information in this regard.


Whoever tells you that dimensions don’t matter is lying. 

 Dimensions do matter. 

 If you’ve already determined where you need to install your boiler, check how much available space there actually is. 

 Once you know the maximum space available, it’s easy to determine which type of boiler can be installed. 

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Choosing the right steam boiler manufacturer

Find your way through a thousand brands?

There are thousands of different models and types of steam boilers.

Once the required amount of steam has been determined, various manufacturers can be identified.

Each manufacturer has dozens of models with different design features and intended for various applications.

Choosing the right partner sometimes seems impossible.

Here are some guidelines to help you orient yourself on the vast market of industrial boilers.

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