The Maintenance Manager’s needs:

How to handle a boiler’s installation and maintenance?

Installation and Maintenance

A boatload of work

As for a maintenance manager, you likely feel constantly overwhelmed by your numerous duties.

After all, dealing with the installation and maintenance of all the machines on a production line isn’t an easy task.

Whether you already have a steam boiler or are about to purchase one, we’d like to help you with its installation and maintenance.

Choosing the right Industrial Steam Boiler

Things to keep in mind

If you’re considering purchasing a new steam boiler, be sure to carefully evaluate the following parameters before making a decision:

Boiler body:

  1. Ease and duration of installation;
  2. Remote control and monitoring;
  3. Generation of malfunction alerts;
  4. Support for requesting energy efficiency certificates;
  5. Intervention times in case of breakdowns;


  1. How do I choose a burner?
  2. How much should I spend on it?
  3. How much will the maintenance cost?
  4. What emissions does it generate?
  5.  Who will assist me with the maintenance?

Do you need further assistance? 

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Burner Cost
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Make your life easier

How to forget about the burner

As you may have already noticed, having a burner and a boiler body manufactured by 2 different companies creates a lot of problems.

These two elements often aren’t optimized for use with one another, thus resulting in inefficiencies.

In addition to this, burners have always been a cause for concern in the field of boilers due to their complexity.

We’ve helped our customers by designing the EcoVapor, the first boiler with an integrated burner, which guarantees reduced operating costs and installation times.

Have you already solved the problems of the Maintenance Manager?

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