The Energy Manager’s needs:

How much can you save with your plant room?

Know your consumption

Why monitor the plant room?

Whether it produces hot water or steam or is made up of one or more boilers, once a heating plant room has been installed it’s important to know how much it consumes and how it transforms and distributes the energy.

The increasingly stringent environmental policies require consumption values to be evaluated accurately.

The requirements for the reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere are becoming increasingly stringent, requiring constant monitoring.

The decreased availability of raw materials has required us to limit our consumption.

It is therefore essential to maintain a plant room with high efficiency and low emissions in order to reduce both costs and pollution.

Continuous plant room monitoring has never been easier thanks to the suite of sensors designed and integrated by ICI Caldaie.

Thermal plant efficiency?
Single Boiler Efficiency?
Heat recoverable from the fumes?
Savings available?

How we monitor your plant room

Know what’s happening in your plant room

Thanks to our experience, we’ve prepared a package of sensors that are capable of monitoring heating plant rooms of any architecture.

This ensures a greater awareness of the plant room’s functionality, thereby allowing you to make decisions based on real data validated by our team.

The process is extremely simple: our team of experts will conduct an inspection of your plant room, analyze the structure, and propose the most appropriate package.

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