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Technical characteristics

The characteristics that make it better

EcoVapor is the first steam boiler to combine a burner, boiler body and electronic control system within a single product.

The main characteristics of the entire system are as follows:

Main Characteristics
  • Nominal Power: 240 – 2,000 kW/h
  • Emissions achievable: 30 mg/m3
  • Steam Production: 350 – 3,000 Kg/h
  • Max. available pressure: 12 bar
  • Efficiency: > 94%
Unsupervised operation

Thanks to its electronic control system, the EcoVapor independently manages your steam requirements and guarantees the functions of regulation and control, safety, connectivity, and data logging, without operator supervision.

The following parameters are constantly monitored:

  • Water level adjustment;
  • Thermal power adjustment;
  • Burner modulation adjustment;
  • Adjustment of frequency and duration of automatic blowdown;
  • Entry thresholds adjustment depending on the salinity control unit TDS;
  • Dynamic programming of the boiler operating pressure set-point.

The EcoVapor even features the most advanced technologies in the field of operator-less monitoring, and can even be equipped with a 72-hour zero monitoring module.

A 24 hour zero monitoring module is also available.

Your safety comes first

With the combustion chamber operating in vacuum condition, any hazardous leaks of harmful fumes into the environment are prevented.

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A world of accessories

Each application has its own configuration

EcoVapor steam production system has been certified as an assembly according to the PED 2014/68/EU regulation.

The boiler body is of the reverse flame type with a completely wet back.

The combustion zone can be easily accessed through the front door, which can be opened with no need for disassembly.

EcoVapor steam boiler comes standard with the following:

  • Integrated economizer;
  • Connectivity module;
  • Steam-side accessories;
  • Feedwater delivery system;
  • System of sensors for monitoring the performance levels;
  • Automatic blowdown system;
  • Sample cooler;
  • Pressure control instrumentation;
  • Automatic conductivity probe level control system;
  • Pneumatic salinity control unit (TDS).

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