A tank full of innovation

It all comes from listening to our customers.

The results? We’ve designed a new steam boiler based on their actual needs.

Integrated burner

A boiler redesigned from scratch.

Tired of having a different burner and boiler body that don’t speak the same language because they were designed by two different companies?

We came up with the EcoVapor to facilitate the heating plant room’s management.

The EcoVapor is the first steam boiler with a 100% integrated burner.

But what does it mean to have an integrated burner?

The revolution that everyone has been waiting for

Integrated boiler and burner

The EcoVapor has a simple yet reliable boiler body, for which we have designed a new burner.

The innovative burner is no longer mounted on the front, pushing the flame inwards, but has been broken down into individual components, each of which has been reinstalled all around the boiler body.

This resulted in the optimization of space and performance, allowing Ecovapor to ensure high levels of efficiency and modulation.

Gas pre-mixing and flue gas recirculation

Fuel and Oxidant. Mixed together.

Our customers demanded reduced emissions while maintaining high-efficiency levels and flow rates.

The innovation that allowed us to obtain some of the lowest NOx emission levels on the market began with the new and patented system for mixing the burner’s intake gas.

Like all the other components, the mixing system was rebuilt and was positioned on the front of the boiler body.

Having been rendered an independent system, it was able to be optimized to ensure the complete mixing of the fuel and combustion agent.

In order to further improve the system’s overall efficiency, we also redesigned a flue gas recirculation system in order to allow the flue gas to be mixed with the intake of oxygen and natural gas.

The combination of these systems decreases the NOx emissions to levels as low as 30 mg/m3.

0 dB

Low levels of noise pollution

I’m working.

For us, making the heating plant room safer and more comfortable is another absolute must.

With the new ventilation system, the old noisy heating plant room is a thing of the past.

Having removed the fan from the burner head and installed it on the back of the boiler, while leaving the burner head on the front, has significantly decreased the noise pollution levels.

In fact, the EcoVapor model remains below 75 decibels (dBA) during operation, thus improving the work environment within the heating plant room.

Cutting-edge electronics

Always connected.

Our customers wanted a more flexible system that could be regulated more easily, even remotely.

The design of a new electronic control system dedicated to the EcoVapor model, therefore, became indispensable.

Through a partnership established with Troll System, we were able to design the hardware, firmware, and software necessary to control and monitor your EcoVapor unit at 100%.

The sensors installed on the boiler body allow for large amounts of data to be stored and for any system anomalies to be detected.

With the EcoVapor, you can monitor your entire system’s performance, evaluating its efficiency and consumption levels.

And since you’ll have all the necessary data at your disposal, you’ll be able to make decisions in complete autonomy.

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