Smart Steam Producation
With Ecovapor

Deliver steam only when you need optimising its production. 

Unified Management

EcoVapor monitors your heating plant room for you

With its associated system of electronics and sensors, EcoVapor can monitor your heating plant room for you.

EcoVapor is capable of managing the entire system independently, whether the plant room has one boiler or multiple boilers.

In fact, with its network of sensors, it is able to monitor and handle steam requests in the most efficient manner possible.

You finally no longer need to constantly monitor your heating plant room, thus leaving you with more time to dedicate to your company.

Reduced fuel consumption

Save more with EcoVapor

EcoVapor has been designed as a single product made up of a boiler body, a burner, and an electronic control system.

Thanks to the thorough integration of each component, the user can optimize their steam production like never before.

In fact, many production systems have steam requirements that vary considerably throughout the day.

Thanks to the high degree of modulation offered by EcoVapor model, you can only produce the steam you actually need, thus eliminating waste.

Remote monitoring

Manage your plant room from wherever you are

Thanks to its electronic control system, EcoVapor is the only boiler of its kind to have been designed with an Industry 4.0 outlook.

In fact, thanks to the connectivity module, EcoVapor can be controlled or even simply monitored remotely.

The data can easily be shared with our engineers in order to further improve the system’s overall efficiency, as well as to keep the performance levels and any problems in check.

Minimal emissions

EcoVapor, the environment’s best friend!

Truly innovative products leave their mark on the world instead of the planet.

The innovative aspects of the EcoVapor even include a decrease in pollutant gas emissions, like NOx.

Thanks to its new pre-mixing systems and the integration of all the components, the NOx emissions amount to just 30 mg/kWh.

Less than a third of the limit amount of 100 mg/kWh permitted by European law.

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