Enter in the era of Smart Steam Boilers

The first steam boiler with an integrated burner, which decreases consumption and increases productivity.

What is Ecovapor?

The First Smart Steam Boiler

EcoVapor is the first steam boiler with a completely integrated burner.

It was designed taking into account the needs of end-users, the environment and society as a whole, which demanded lower operating costs, decreased emissions, and greater flexibility.

All of this has finally become possible thanks to the first boiler body with an integrated burner.

The steam production process has now been fully optimized thanks to the unit’s high guaranteed efficiency, regardless of the load.

The advanced electronic control system monitors every aspect of the boiler, optimizing the power being delivered at all times and anticipating any malfunctions.

How Does it Work?

100% Integrated Burner and Boiler

The focus upon the needs of individual customers has never been greater than during the European Horizon 2020 project, which gave rise to the EcoVapor.

Given the increasing fuel prices, the focus on cost optimization has become increasingly important.

The innovative integration of the burner within the boiler body allows for significant savings to be obtained in terms of both fuel and electricity consumption.


Greater Flexibility and Savings

A wide range of benefits contained within an elegant design.

You’ll no longer have to worry about having to manage two completely different products (burner and boiler), as they’ve now been 100% optimized and fully integrated.

Combustion and heat exchange is now obtained from a new design technology in which both elements have been incorporated.

Lower Emissions, Lower Costs...


Thanks to the decreased number of shut-downs, and the high modulation range for heat dispensation, everyone will finally be available to enjoy savings of up to 15% on annual operating costs.


The ignition phase is the most expensive in terms of energy consumption and is that in which the lowest instantaneous efficiency levels are obtained.

Thanks to the innovative integration of the boiler body and burner, the EcoVapor model turns on up to 275 fewer times than a traditional boiler.

Decreased NOx

EcoVapor guarantees low emissions thanks to the placement of the fan on the back, which draws air inside the boiler, thus generating a vacuum within the combustion chamber.

Higher Modulation

The impossible modularity range of 1:10 is finally available. The boiler no longer needs to operate at 50% of its power when just 10% is sufficient.

Technical Characteristics

Engineering at your service

Europe’s most innovative companies operating in the fields of combustion, heat exchange and electronics have come together to create Ecovapor.

The EcoVapor is available in 10 models, with outputs ranging from 300 to 3,000 kg of steam per hour

Modulate your consumption and the amount of steam available based on your needs.

Continue taking care of your business and improving your products in total freedom, the EcoVapor will provide you with exactly the amount of steam you need, in total autonomy.

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