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Innovators in the field of energy

We’ve been designing and manufacturing industrial boilers for 60 years.

We’re Italian, and like all Italians we care about attention to detail, guaranteeing high performance and aesthetically-pleasing products.

For this reason, in addition to our boilers’ efficiency, we also take care of their aesthetic appearance

We’ve been manufacturing products that make our customers save money for 60 years.

Products that consume fewer thanks to their high efficiency, complete with economizers and flue gas recovery systems.

To reduce maintenance and improve performance, each of our products can be equipped with a system of electronic sensors.


Industrial boilers that operate independently

Our goal has always been to achieve the lowest possible operating costs through our products.

That’s why we’re dedicated to designing and manufacturing boilers that can be managed in complete autonomy, minimizing maintenance operations and anticipating any stoppages or breakdowns.

We’ve dedicated a great deal of time to developing extremely flexible products.

Products with a power modulation range of up to 1:10, allowing customers to save up to 10%.

All this is available in the Ecovapor!

Thanks to the online and cloud-based electronic monitoring system, from which the user can monitor the unit’s functionality and performance, as well as the integrated burner and combustion flue gas recovery system.

A new generation of boilers


All of these developments have resulted in the EcoVapor: the first industrial steam boiler with a completely incorporated burner.

The new design guarantees a high degree of modulation during use, with continuous high efficiency under any usage conditions.

The innovative electronic control system monitors every aspect of the system, anticipating any breakdowns and providing detailed consumption reports.

With the Ecovapor you can finally forget about managing your boiler*.

Savings on Methane
- 0 %
Overall Estimated Savings
- 0 %

* The Ecovapor is a steam boiler with intermittent control carried out by an assigned technician every 24 or 72 hours, depending on the model chosen.

The ICI Lab and its Partnerships

Technological innovation improves through collaboration

Energy production has always been extremely important in the field of industry, as well as in our everyday lives.

Energy is required to do anything and to produce any type of product.

We’re committed to facilitating the transition to energy production using alternative and renewable sources.

To do so, we’ve turned to some of the most renowned experts, at university research hubs all around the world.

This gave rise to our laboratory dedicated to energy research, which produced the very first hydrogen power generators.

Here are the main partners who are accompanying us on this journey.

No matter where…we’re not far away!

We speak over 20 languages

Our team of professionals operates out of various locations worldwide.

Since we want to be close to our end users to be able to provide support as quickly as possible, we have locations in various countries throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

To build lasting products that require minimal maintenance, we had to engage some of the best craftsmen in the world: that’s why for 60 years our production processes have always remained within Italy, where we’re able to rely upon the best experts for the entire production cycle. 

Case Study

There are some who have taken (many) steps forward!

From large hospitals to small food producers. Many customers have already chosen Ecovapor.

Their goals? To continue improving the quality of the products and services they offer to their customers. Thanks to Ecovapor, they found the solution to their problems.

Here are some of their stories.

Alcuni dei clienti che hanno scelto ICI:

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